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1,10-Phenanthroline Monohydrate

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Structural formula of o-Phenanthroline (1,10-Phenanthroline Monohydrate)
Structural formula of o-Phenanthroline

For in vitro use only!

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at ambient temperature
store dark

Shelf Life: 12 months

Molecular Formula: C12H8N2 x H2O

Molecular Weight: 198.2 Da

CAS#: 5144-89-8

EC number: 200-629-2

Purity: ≥ 99 % (titration)

Form: off-white solid

Solubility: DMSO (100 mg/ml), EtOH (25 mg/ml), MeOH (200 mM) and water (3 mg/ml)

Membrane bound and into the medium secreted proteases may inactivate CPPs indicating a need for using protease inhibitors.
o-Phenantroline acts as a general metalloprotease inhibitor.
Add the inhibitor to the serum free incubation medium to achieve a concentration of 1 mM.
For more information see general manual (4.2.2).

Protect from light.

Toxic if swallowed. Very toxic to aquatic organisms; may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Wear suitable gloves. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately. This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Avoid release to the environment.

Availability Restriction: Exclusively distributed in Japan by Greiner BioOne