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N-DDN-1882-1G 2',3'-Dideoxyguanosine (ddG), 1 g pack 315,38 315,38
NU-925-6FM-L 6-FAM-dC-puromycin, L pack 330,42 330,42
PR-108 Rab7 207,00 207,00
NU-1701L γ-(2-Azidoethyl)-ATP, L pack 330,42 330,42
CLK-TA103N-100 Acetylene-PEG4-NHS ester, 100 mg pack 307,50 307,50
NU-503L AP4G, L pack 330,42 330,42
FP-301-COU C-terminal Protein Labeling Kit 320,00 320,00
CLK-MI004-10 CuSO4 - click chemistry grade, 10 mg pack 13,02 13,02
Basket Price 2.154,16 EUR
Shipping Costs, Destination: 0,00 EUR
Net Price* 2.154,16 EUR
* Please note: German customers and European customers without a valid VAT number please add 19% VAT for the total price.


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