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CPP-A07S Glycine buffer pH 3.0, S pack 15,00 15,00 Delete Basket Position
FP-21045 pGLOW-GalXN-YT 450,00 450,00 Delete Basket Position
CPP-A03 Chloroquine 15,00 15,00 Delete Basket Position
NU-1602L AzTTP, L pack 330,42 330,42 Delete Basket Position
CPP-K02 Transduction Kit for Nucleoside Triphosphates 300,00 300,00 Delete Basket Position
PCR-333L qPCR Green Core Kit, L pack 360,00 360,00 Delete Basket Position
ABD-021L α-bPrPc 3C10, L pack 1.400,00 1.400,00 Delete Basket Position
PR-1142-1 HCV-N24 977,50 977,50 Delete Basket Position
PR-331 p42/ ERK2/ MAPK2His - active 491,05 491,05 Delete Basket Position
CLK-T06-L C8-Alkyne-dCTP, L pack 503,04 503,04 Delete Basket Position
NU-531L GP2G, L pack 330,42 330,42 Delete Basket Position
AB-101-50ML Nourseothricin - solution, 50 ml pack 1.200,00 1.200,00 Delete Basket Position
CLK-AZ105-25 5/6-Carboxyrhodamine 110-PEG3-Azide, 25 mg pack 774,22 774,22 Delete Basket Position
NU-851-5 8-[(6-Amino)hexyl]-amino-cAMP, 5 mg pack 330,42 330,42 Delete Basket Position
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