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N-DN-4567-1G 7-Deaza-2'-deoxy-guanosine, 1 g pack 1.006,77 1.006,77 Delete Basket Position
GBV-B3-R-20 Reusable B3 Base with CryoVial, pack of 20 275,00 275,00 Delete Basket Position
N-DN-1541-25 5-Propynyl-2'-deoxy-cytidine, 25 mg pack 276,92 276,92 Delete Basket Position
N-RP-3112-10 3'-(O-allyl)-cytidine, 10 mg pack 56,62 56,62 Delete Basket Position
PCR-205S High Fidelity Hot Start Pol, S pack 68,00 68,00 Delete Basket Position
NU-1203S ITP, S pack 110,05 110,05 Delete Basket Position
NU-1608L Gemcitabine-5'-diphosphate, L pack 338,49 338,49 Delete Basket Position
NU-129S 5Br-dUDP, S pack 110,05 110,05 Delete Basket Position
NU-1615-1 7-Deaza-7-propargylamino-dGTP, pack 1.017,31 1.017,31 Delete Basket Position
NU-803-5 Aminoallyl-dUTP - lyophilized, 5 mg pack 428,96 428,96 Delete Basket Position
PR-205 N-Ras ΔC 180,00 180,00 Delete Basket Position
PCR-155S-HSP Taq Master Lyophilisate / high yield, preloaded 96-well plates
half skirt
135,00 135,00 Delete Basket Position
CLK-AZ109-5 5/6-TAMRA-PEG3-Azide, 5 mg pack 234,96 234,96 Delete Basket Position
PCR-505S SCRIPT Reverse Transcriptase, S pack 140,00 140,00 Delete Basket Position
N-10503-250 2'-Fluoro-2'-deoxy-arabinofuranosyl-guanine, 250 mg pack 267,30 267,30 Delete Basket Position
PM-202 T7-Promoter, 20-mer 20,00 20,00 Delete Basket Position
CLK-AA003-100 3-Azido-L-alanine HCl, 100 mg pack 317,34 317,34 Delete Basket Position
N-DN-1143-500 7-Deaza-2'-deoxy-adenosine, 500 mg pack 443,08 443,08 Delete Basket Position
PP-201L PCR Purification Kit, L pack 180,00 180,00 Delete Basket Position
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  Net Price* 5.605,85 EUR
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