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Qty. Cat.No. Product Price each Price EUR
ABD-022S α-bPrPc 5G12 190,00 190,00
PR-1164 HCV-NS4-G3 - Mosaic (residues 1691-1710/1712-1733/1921-1940) 207,00 207,00
PR-1230 RV-C (residues 1-123) 207,00 207,00
PM-304L Oligo (dT)20 100,00 100,00
N-RP-2913-100 3'-(O-Methyl)-guanosine 454,16 454,16
NU-409S GTPαS 124,37 124,37
NU-1612-1 7-Propargylamino-7-deaza-ddATP 659,27 659,27
PR-352 HIV-2 RT 253,00 253,00
M-101S λDNA/ Hind III Digest 12,00 12,00
PP-201XS PCR Purification Kit 12,00 12,00
Basket Price 2.218,80 EUR
Shipping Costs, Destination: 0,00 EUR
Net Price* 2.218,80 EUR
* Please note: German customers and European customers without a valid VAT number please add 19% VAT for the total price.


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