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NU-809XL 5-Propargylamino-dCTP - solution, XL pack 420,00 420,00
N-PM-1105-5G 2'-Deoxycytidine (N-Ac), 5 g pack 107,24 107,24
NU-411S UTPαS, S pack 118,44 118,44
NU-1105S Ribavirin-triphosphate, S pack 118,45 118,45
PR-149 Mn SODHis 207,00 207,00
PS-101 Protein Molecular Weight Marker 21,00 21,00
NU-903S dUpNHpp, S pack 124,37 124,37
PCR-201L-red Taq Pol / high yield - red dyed, L pack 140,00 140,00
AC-561-1 Syringe Connector, piece 25,00 25,00
PR-1210-1 HIV-2 gp32 977,50 977,50
NU-528S AP4U, S pack 118,45 118,45
ABD-039 anti-NCoR 186,00 186,00
Basket Price 2.563,45 EUR
Shipping Costs, Destination: 0,00 EUR
Net Price* 2.563,45 EUR
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