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NU-101 2'-Iodo-dATP, pack 346,95 346,95 Delete Basket Position
N-1062-20 2-Thio-uridine, 20 mg pack 98,91 98,91 Delete Basket Position
PCR-204S High Fidelity Pol, S pack 48,00 48,00 Delete Basket Position
FP-21012 pGLOW-Bs2 450,00 450,00 Delete Basket Position
PR-104 REP-2His 207,00 207,00 Delete Basket Position
CLK-TA109-5 5/6-Sulforhodamine B-PEG4-Alkyne, 5 mg pack 240,83 240,83 Delete Basket Position
NU-821-DIGX DIG-11-UTP, pack 184,39 184,39 Delete Basket Position
PCR-313L-bl qPCR GreenMaster - blue dyed, L pack 440,00 440,00 Delete Basket Position
INH-004 Myricetin 20,70 20,70 Delete Basket Position
N-DN-1147-500 7-Deaza-6-methoxy-2'-deoxyguanosine, 500 mg pack 489,48 489,48 Delete Basket Position
PCR-511XS SCRIPT cDNA Synthesis Kit, XS pack 60,00 60,00 Delete Basket Position
PR-459 IL-1 β 253,00 253,00 Delete Basket Position
ABD-021L α-bPrPc 3C10, L pack 1.400,00 1.400,00 Delete Basket Position
PP-402L DNase Detection Kit, L pack 150,00 150,00 Delete Basket Position
HT-GB-B5-20 Barcoded Goniometer Base B5, pack of 20 311,00 311,00 Delete Basket Position
 Basket Price 4.700,26 EUR
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  Net Price* 4.700,26 EUR
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