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N-RP-2911-100 3'-(O-Methyl)-adenosine, 100 mg pack 441,54 441,54 Delete Basket Position
N-PM-6614-5G 3'-Levulinyl-2'-deoxythymidine, 5 g pack 536,16 536,16 Delete Basket Position
NU-1016L ddCTP, L pack 169,46 169,46 Delete Basket Position
PP-402L DNase Detection Kit, L pack 150,00 150,00 Delete Basket Position
NU-110 2'-Bromo-dADP, pack 330,42 330,42 Delete Basket Position
ABD-053 anti-hMSRA 150,00 150,00 Delete Basket Position
PR-683 SCF 253,00 253,00 Delete Basket Position
N-PYA11092-1G Pyrrolo-C, 1 g pack 1.884,42 1.884,42 Delete Basket Position
M-105S λDNA/ Pst I Digest, S pack 12,00 12,00 Delete Basket Position
NU-1181S 7-Deaza-7-iodo-dATP, S pack 112,80 112,80 Delete Basket Position
 Basket Price 4.039,80 EUR
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  Net Price* 4.039,80 EUR
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