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XtalTool – The All-in-One Tool for sensitive Crystals

XtalTool Design


The XtalTool consists of a round black plastic support with an outer diameter of 22 mm and an extension that fits into a customized goniometer base.

A transparent removable COC film on top tightly seals the well during crystallization.

An inner X-ray transparent Kapton film (yellow) with 5 µm pores enables a gentle crystal soaking procedure by diffusion and serves as crystal support during data collection.

Function of the XtalTool

XtalTool Hanging Drop Crystallization

1) Hanging-Drop Crystallization:

Crystallization drops are setup on the yellow Kapton film just like on a regular cover slide, the XtalTool is then placed onto a greased cavity of a 24 well plate so that protein crystals can grow.

XtalTool Crystal Soaking

2) Crystal Soaking:

a) A tiny hole is carefully poked into the upper COC film using a fine needle.

b) A fine paper wick is inserted into the poked hole and carefully pushed down until it gently touches the Kapton film. The paper wick is kept in contact with the perforated Kapton film to absorb the liquid.

c) A small volume of a ligand/cryo solution is applied adjacent to the crystal using a thin pipette tip.

The COC film reseals itself after manipulation when the proper thin needles, paper wicks and pipette tips are used.


3) X-ray Data Collection:

The COC film is removed and the XtalTool is mounted on a goniometer via a customized base (supplied together with the XtalTool).