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Jena Bioscience News Blog


May 16, 2019


Click Chemistry

Now available! Our new class of tetrazine-dye reagents new class of tetrazine-dye reagents shows high reaction rates and permits fluorescent labeling with diminished background staining.

May 16, 2019

DADPS and Disulfide Biotin Azides

Click Chemistry Probes & Epigenetics

Cleavable biotin-azid-conjugates for capture and release approaches under acidic and reductive conditions have now been added to our catalog!

Aug 31, 2018

Nucleotides & qPCR: Easy online Search

General Nucleotides & Nucleosides Click Chemistry Molecular Biology Probes & Epigenetics Nucleotides & qPCR: Easy online Search

Looking for nucleotides based on their structure or for a specific application?
Want to find the most suitable qPCR mix for your assay?

read more

Aug 24, 2018

Extended AF-Dye Portfolio

Click Chemistry Probes & Epigenetics

We now offer NHS ester, Maleimide, (Picolyl-)Azide, Alkyne and DBCO-functionalized versions of AF-Dyes (also known as Alexa Fluor® Dyes) such as AF488, AF555, AF594 and AF647.

Jun 21, 2018

New in Click Chemistry: 2'-Azido-2'-dATP

Nucleotides & Nucleosides Click Chemistry

We added 2'-Azido-2'-dATP to our Click Chemistry section. For more details please click here.

Mar 02, 2018

CLICKable Fluorescent Dyes

Click Chemistry Probes & Epigenetics

Find an updated list of available CLICKable Fluorescent Dyes here!

Feb 13, 2018

Photostable CLICK dyes

Click Chemistry Probes & Epigenetics

(Picolyl-)Azide, Alkyne and DBCO-functionalized versions of AF488 (also known as Alexa Fluor®488) and AF594 (also known as Alexa Fluor®594) are now available.

Jan 24, 2018

New product: 5-Ethynylcytosine

Click Chemistry

We now offer 5-Ethynylcytosine for cell type-specific RNA synthesis monitoring via the CD-UPRT pathway.

Nov 10, 2017

New Azide-modified (d)UTPs

Nucleotides & Nucleosides Click Chemistry

We now offer 5-Azidomethyl-dUTP and 5-Azidomethyl-UTP.

Nov 02, 2017

Click Chemistry Talk: PDF now available

Click Chemistry Nucleotides & Nucleosides

On October 24, Dr. André Krause gave a talk at HKI Jena titled "Click Chemistry – Expanding the Scope of Nucleic Acid Labeling". Download the slides of the talk now!

Jun 19, 2017

CLICK on bacteria

Click Chemistry

We now offer Azide-functionalized saccharides for detection of Gram-negative bacteria, Legionella pneumophila and Myobacteria.

Mar 22, 2017

New: UDP-GalNAz

Click Chemistry

UDP-N-azidoacetylgalactosamine (UDP-GalNAz) is a substrate of ß1,4-galactosyltranferase mutant Y289L-Gal-T1 that transfers the GalNAz moiety to GalNAc residues of proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Feb 02, 2017

Tetrazine and TCO Agaroses

Click Chemistry

Tetrazine Agarose and TCO Agarose are now available for covalent capturing of TCO- or Tetrazine-modified biomolecules, respectively.

Dec 20, 2016

5-hmC Detection

Click Chemistry

UDP-6-azide-glucose (UDP-6-N3-Glc) is now available for specific Azide-functionalization and subsequent detection/purification of 5-hmC containing DNA.

Aug 25, 2016

BTTAA – Improve CuAAC reactions

Click Chemistry

BTTAA, a Cu(I)-chelating ligand, is now available. Optimal CuAAC conditions are achieved in combination with Picolyl-Azide reagents (Picolyl-Azides of fluorescent dyes or Picolyl-Azides of Biotin).

Aug 03, 2016

Monitoring of Choline Phospholipid Synthesis

Click Chemistry

Propargyl-choline and
1-Azidoethyl-choline are now available for monitoring of choline-containing phospholipid synthesis

Apr 13, 2016

New CLICK Chemistry Brochure

Click Chemistry General

Check out our new brochure "CLICK-labeling of cellular metabolites" and order your free printed copy!

Feb 23, 2016

Increased biocompatibility of CuAAC

Click Chemistry

Picolyl-Azides possess an internal Copper-chelating moiety that allows a significant reduction of Copper concentration without a reduction of reaction efficiency. Check our Fluorescent and Biotinylated Picolyl-Azides!