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Why image RNA?

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Numerous non-coding RNAs such lncRNAs, snRNAs, circRNAs or miRNAs are constantly identified hence their functional characterization is of great importance.

Learn how current aptamer-based RNA imaging and analysis strategies contribute to characterization of a specific RNA.

RNA aptamers are specific RNA sequences that can be detected by small-molecule dyes. Dye fluorescence is significantly enhanced upon complex formation thus aptamers are versatile tags for imaging and functional analysis of coding and non-coding RNA both in vitro and in live cells[1-4] (Tab. 1). Attachement of a specific aptamer sequence to a RNA of interest can be performed e.g. by in vitro transcription.

Table 1: Application of light-up aptamers in imaging & analysis of coding and non-coding RNA.

RNA Target Application Aptamer/Dye Combination Ref.
mRNA Live cell imaging (E. coli) of specific endogenous mRNA Spinach derivative/DFHBI [5]
Live cell imaging (mammalian cells) of specific endogenous mRNA Broccoli & Spinach derivatives/DFHBI-1T [6]
lncRNA Live cell imaging (mammalian cells) of aptamer-tagged lncRNA Broccoli derivative/DFHBI-1T [7]
miRNA miRNA detection in vitro Spinach derivative/DFHBI [8]
Spinach derivatives/DFHBI-1T [9]
snoRNA Live cell imaging (yeast) of aptamer-tagged snoRNA Broccoli derivative/DFHBI-1T [10]
tRNA Live cell imaging (E. coli) of ribosome activity Spinach derivative/DFHBI [11]
snoRNA/tRNA/5S RNA Live cell imaging (mammalian cells) and quantification of transcription Corn/DFHO [12]

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