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Breaking new grounds in biosensing & imaging

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Here we introduce a highly versatile tool for bioconjugation, -sensing and -imaging.
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Functionalized nanoparticles are a growing field of research due to their ability to bind a wide range of biomolecules (e.g. peptides, antibodies or DNA) covalently.

Especially gold nanorods (Au NRs) with their anisotropic, rod-like morphology (Fig. 1), optical properties & variable shapes (4 x 60 nm, 8 x 80 nm) are suitable for multifunctional biological and medical applications that go far beyond bioconjugation, including:

  • Biosensing: surface and dielectric properties enable highly specific & selective biosensing[1]
  • Bioimaging: gold as an inert & biocompatible material with high electron density is ideally suitable as bioimaging agent[2]
  • Targeted drug delivery: due to a large surface area and bioconjugation ability Au NRs serve as suitable vehicles for targeted drug/gene delivery[3]
  • Photothermal therapeutic treatment: Au NRs convert light energy (NIR) into heat thus enabling destruction of pathological (e.g. cancerous) tissue & cells[3]

Figure 1: Electron microscopy image of gold nanorods (8x 80 nm)

Jena Bioscience offers carboxyl-functionalized gold nanorods of various shapes

Table 1: Jena Bioscience Gold Nanorods with Carboxyl-terminal groups
Product Cat. No. Amount Price
Gold Nanorods
4 x 60 nm – OD 1
PP-232S 5 ml 81,51 €
PP-232L 5 x 5 ml 326,03 €
Gold Nanorods
8 x 80 nm – OD 1
PP-233S 5 ml 81,51 €
PP-233L 5 x 5 ml 326,03 €
Gold Nanorods
8 x 80 nm – OD 100
PP-234S 50 µl 81,51 €
PP-234L 5 x 50 µl 326,03 €
Dr. Buerk Schaefer

E-Mail me for technical inquiries or further information: pcr@jenabioscience.com


[1] Stone et al. (2011) Biological applications of gold nanorods. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 3:100.
[2] Baumann et al. (2016) Highly stable and biocompatible gold nanorod-DNA conjugates as NIR probes for ultrafast sequence-selective DNA melting. RSC Adv. 6:103724.
[3] Elahi et al. (2018) Recent biomedical applications of gold nanoparticles: A review. Talanta 184:537.