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XP Screen: The Protein Crystal Glue

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Discover our XP Screen with TEW – the protein crystal glue – and benefit from improved crystal quality and resolution!

XP Screen with TEW

Figure adapted from[1], used courtesy of Prof. Annette Rompel, University of Vienna, Austria

The Anderson−Evans polyoxotungstate [TeW6O24]6− (TEW) is a universal and flexible additive for protein crystallization. It exhibits a planar structure with six tungsten atoms, being able to improve crystal quality and resolution while providing a valuable anomalous signal for phasing[1]. TEW was shown to:

  • covalently bind and structurally adapt to fit into protein molecules (cgAUS1, PDB code: 4Z12, 4Z13)[2]
  • act as linker in various orientations and thereby create either smaller (abPPO4, PDB code: 4OUA) or larger (lysozyme, PDB code: 4PHI) protein-protein distances[3,4]
  • induce heterogeneous crystallization of two different protein forms in one single crystal (abPPO4, PDB code: 4OUA)[4]

The XP Screen consists of the 96 most prominent crystallization conditions plus TEW to provide an environment to increase the chances of crystallization and improve crystal diffraction quality.

Christin Reuter

E-Mail Christin for technical inquiries or further information: xtals@jenabioscience.com


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