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Why freeze-dried PCR mixes?

Freeze-dried/lyophilised PCR mixes are stable at ambient temperatures and allow point-of-care use without any refrigerating infrastructure (Fig. 1). Simply fill up vials with template DNA and run PCR as usual.

Dry PCR mixes are stable at 30 °C for > 1 year

Dry PCR mixes are stable at 30 °C for > 1 year

Fig. 1: Dry PCR mixes remain fully functional even after 12 months heat exposure (30 °C, green circle) while liquid mixes significantly lose activity even when stored in the fridge (4 °C, red circle). (Assay: Amplification of a 4 kb fragment of lambda DNA in a template dilution series down to 10 pg).


  • Ready-to-use: No thawing of PCR components
  • Stability: dramatically enhance shelf life (Fig. 1)
  • Activity: No loss caused by freeze-thaw cycles
  • Avoid contamination: receive dry mix in aliquots
  • Customized: Available in all common PCR plastic ware


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