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New: Cryo-EM grids

May 16, 2017   QUANTIFOIL™ Holey Carbon Films are used to support biological samples in Cryo-EM techniques.

Cryo Tools available

May 08, 2017   Discover our new Cryo Tools for easy crystal handling at cryogenic temperatures.

New Cell penetrating peptides

Apr 07, 2017   Our portfolio of cell penetrating peptides has been extended by biotinylated hCT(18-32)-k7, biotinylated sC18 as well as Cysteine-functionalized sC18.

Lipidic Cubic Phase Crystals

Apr 06, 2017   Crystallization in the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) has evolved into an important method for crystallization of membrane
proteins. Learn more in our LCP Flyer!

New: 19F-NMR probes

Apr 05, 2017   Our new nucleotides can be used as 19F-NMR probes.
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Get the full overview of Molecular Biology products from Jena Bioscience

Apr 04, 2017   Download or request our brand new Molecular Biology catalog!
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New DNA Ladders Guide

Apr 04, 2017   Download or request our new guide for unstained and fluorescent DNA Ladders!
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MiCom Conference Pictures

Mar 30, 2017   Last week we attended MiCom 2017 in Jena. Our videos and pictures are now available – view them here!

Improved Cy3 and Cy5 DNA labeling efficiency

Mar 24, 2017   Linker-optimized Cy3- and Cy5-modified dUTPs (dUTP-XX-Cy3 and
dUTP-XX-Cy5) are now available that show higher labeling efficiencies at similar dTTP substitution rates.

New: UDP-GalNAz

Mar 22, 2017   UDP-N-azidoacetylgalactosamine (UDP-GalNAz) is a substrate of ß1,4-galactosyltranferase mutant Y289L-Gal-T1 that transfers the GalNAz moiety to GalNAc residues of proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

New: Amphipol A8-35

Mar 17, 2017   A new class of surfactants: Amphipol A8-35 is especially useful for sample preparation in Cryo-EM - to stabilize membrane proteins in a detergent-free aqueous solution.

Tetrazine and TCO Agaroses

Feb 02, 2017   Tetrazine Agarose and TCO Agarose are now available for covalent capturing of TCO- or Tetrazine-modified biomolecules, respectively.

Price cut on 5-hmdCTP and 5-mdCTP

Jan 31, 2017   Check out our significantly reduced prices for 5-hydroxymethyl-dCTP (5-hmdCTP) and 5-methyl-dCTP (5-mdCTP).


Jan 06, 2017   Our portfolio of biotinylated nucleotides for enzymatic DNA labeling has been extended by Biotin-14-dATP.

5-hmC Detection

Dec 20, 2016   UDP-6-azide-glucose (UDP-6-N3-Glc) is now available for specific Azide-functionalization and subsequent detection/purification of 5-hmC containing DNA.

Short LCP Lipids

Nov 24, 2016   7.7 MAG, 7.8 MAG and 7.9 MAG are now available as host lipids for LCP crystallization.

GppNHp (GMPPNP) - Trisodium salt

Nov 04, 2016   GppNHp now also available as trisodium salt.

Easy entry to Fragment Screening

Nov 02, 2016   … with the Frag Xtal Screen. Avoid misleading biochemical and biophysical prescreening - go directly for fragment-based lead discovery by crystallographic screening!

Pictures from HEC-19 now online!

Oct 06, 2016   Check out our HEC-19 meeting pictures (including Jenga competition!) here!

5'-RNA labeling

Sep 21, 2016   Biotin-AMP is now available for 5'-RNA labeling by in vitro transcription.

m-Aminophenylboronic acid-Agarose

Sep 16, 2016   Now available! Immobilized m-Aminophenylboronic acid, our affinity resin of choice for the enrichment of 1,2-cis-diols such as ribonucleotides, cofactors and carbohydrates. Due to its high exclusion limit also suitable for the purification of RNA and glycosylated proteins.

BTTAA – Improve CuAAC reactions

Aug 25, 2016   BTTAA, a Cu(I)-chelating ligand, is now available. Optimal CuAAC conditions are achieved in combination with Picolyl-Azide reagents (Picolyl-Azides of fluorescent dyes or Picolyl-Azides of Biotin).

RNA & DNA Purification and Cleanup Kits

Aug 08, 2016   Check out the product overview flyer for our RNA & DNA Purification and Cleanup Kits!

Monitoring of Choline Phospholipid Synthesis

Aug 03, 2016   Propargyl-choline and
1-Azidoethyl-choline are now available for monitoring of choline-containing phospholipid synthesis

JBScreen Buffers

Jul 07, 2016   Discover our new JBScreen Buffers for screening either in the neutral or extreme pH range.

New Brochure: Non-radioactive Labeling of DNA and RNA

Jul 01, 2016   Download it here!

New Brochure: Labeling of in situ hybridization DNA probes

Jun 03, 2016   Download it here!

Magnetic attraction for DNA/RNA purification!

May 03, 2016   Discover nucleic acid isolation from whole blood, blood serum or plasma, swabs or bacterial cells by use of magnetic particles.

New CLICK Chemistry Brochure

Apr 13, 2016   Check out our new brochure "CLICK-labeling of cellular metabolites" and order your free printed copy!

Viral RNA+DNA Preparation Kit

Apr 11, 2016   Check out our spin-column based RNA + DNA purification kit for blood, serum, tissue or cell culture!

Universal Restriction Enzyme Buffer & JBSpeed Enzymes

Mar 17, 2016   Complete digestion with one single universal buffer for all our Restriction Enzymesdownload or order our brand new Restriction Enzyme Poster!

New: JBScreen LCP

Feb 26, 2016   96 conditions, designed for the crystallization of integral membrane proteins in the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP). Check it out here.

Increased biocompatibility of CuAAC

Feb 23, 2016   Picolyl-Azides possess an internal Copper-chelating moiety that allows a significant reduction of Copper concentration without a reduction of reaction efficiency. Check our Fluorescent and Biotinylated Picolyl-Azides!

Offene Position: IT-Administrator/in / Systembetreuer/in

Jan 25, 2016   Wir stellen ein – Details entnehmen Sie bitte dieser Seite.

LCP Lipids

Dec 21, 2015   There is more than Monoolein! Check out our LCP Lipids and adjust the lipidic cubic phase (LCP) to the particular membrane protein.

RNA labeling with ApG and 5'-Biotin-ApG

Dec 18, 2015   Now available - two initiator dinucleotides for 5'-labeling of RNA by in vitro transcription: ApG and 5'-Biotin-ApG.

Now available: pppGpp and ppGpp

Dec 14, 2015   Important signal molecules for stringent stress response: pppGpp (Guanosine-3',5'-pentaphosphate) and ppGpp (Guanosine-3',5'-bisdiphosphate).

New: JBScreen Membrane 4

Nov 18, 2015   A complete set of 96 membrane protein specific crystallization conditions is now available. Check it out here.

PSDI 2015 Conference Pictures

Nov 13, 2015   We just returned from the PSDI meeting held in Rottach-Egern at Tegernsee – see our pictures here!

Simplified monitoring of cellular DNA and RNA synthesis

Nov 06, 2015   Now available: 5-Vinyl-uridine and 5-Vinyl-2'-deoxyuridine to study the enzymatic synthesis of nucleic acids by copper free click labeling (iEDDA) in living cells.

Ligands for P2 Receptors

Oct 30, 2015   We now offer various mono- and dinucleotide agonist and antagonist ligands for functional studies of P2X and P2Y subtypes.

Looking for videos?

Oct 29, 2015   Then check out our YouTube Channel!

Now available: Catalog "Molecular Biology"

Oct 28, 2015   Download the PDF or request your free printed copy!

CLICKable monosaccharides

Oct 23, 2015   We now offer Methylcyclopropene- and Azide-functionalized monosaccharides for dual CLICK-Labeling of newly synthesized glycans.

JBScreen Detergents

Oct 13, 2015   Working on membrane proteins? Check out the new JBScreen Detergents:
96 well-assorted compounds covering approved and innovative detergents.

We are now EMAS certified

Sep 30, 2015   We are happy to announce that we have achieved EMAS certification for our environmental management system! The certificate is available here.

HEC-18 pictures and talk online

Sep 30, 2015   We just returned from a great and successful HEC-18 meeting in Kutná Hora/CZ! View all the pictures we took at the meeting here. Further, the talk Christin gave at the meeting can be downloaded here!

Now online: video documentary about Jena Bioscience and our new corporate building

Sep 29, 2015   Watch it here (German language)!

CLICKable Bodipy-FL dye portofolio is now complete

Sep 24, 2015   We now offer Bodipy-FL dye as Azide-, Alkyne-, DBCO-, Tetrazine- and 6-Methyl-Tetrazine-version.

JBScreen Thermofluor

Sep 21, 2015   The innovative protein stability screen is now available in a deep-well block format (HTS), which allows a flexible application of JBScreen Thermofluor FUNDAMENT and JBScreen Thermofluor SPECIFIC. Choose your favorite product format here.

CLICKable NAD Analog

Sep 15, 2015   2-Ethynyl-Adenosine-NAD+ is now available for in vitro poly ADP ribosylation analyses.

New: IMISX™ Plate

Aug 05, 2015   The IMISX™ Plate is designed to perform in-meso in-situ serial X-ray crystallography of soluble and membrane proteins.

New: In-Meso Crystallization Plate

Jul 31, 2015   The patent-pending In-Meso Crystallization Plate provides easy access to the innovative approach of controlled in-meso phase crystallization, which is particularly useful for membrane protein crystallization.

Nucleic Acid Labeling? Watch our video!

Jul 16, 2015   Watch our video and find out how easy Nucleic Acid Labeling can be!

SWSBC Talk Available

Jul 14, 2015   Check out our talk "A new Thermofluor Design: Screens based on FUNDAMENTal and SPECIFIC variables" given at the SWSBC Meeting in Brighton/UK! Click here for all talks held at scientific conferences.

Hot off the press:

Jun 25, 2015   The Brochure Protein Crystallization Screening provides a comprehensive overview of our JBScreen Family. Download the PDF or order your printed copy here.

New: Diaplate

May 18, 2015   Discover the 96 well micro-dialysis plate which is ideal for desalting of protein in very small volumes up to 3.2 µl.

Cleavable CLICK (Desthio) Biotinylation Reagents are now available!

Apr 02, 2015   Check our extended portfolio of photocleavable and chemically cleavable Azide-, DBCO- and Alkyne-functionalized (desthio)biotinylation reagents.

New: Biotin and Digoxigenin Nick Translation Labeling Kits

Mar 31, 2015   We have extended our Nick Translation Labeling Kit portfolio: Biotin and Digoxigenin NT Labeling Kits are now available.

New: JBS FUNDAMENT and JBS SPECIFIC Thermofluor Screens

Mar 23, 2015   Apply the thermal shift methodology at highest convenience and systematically screen for a protein stabilizing environment. Click here for details and ordering.

We have moved!

Mar 19, 2015   We have moved to our new premises! Please make sure to update your records with our new address. E-mail and phone contacts remain unchanged.

Halle Conference Video now online

Mar 05, 2015   LEXSY taking off: Selected examples for protein production with Leishmania tarentolae – See a video of our talk here!

Halle Conference Pictures and Talk

Feb 25, 2015   Click here for the pictures we took at this year's Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins. See the talk we gave there in our Download section!

New Distributor in Russia/CIS countries

Feb 24, 2015   We are happy to announce that Sputnik Group is now distributing our products in Russia and CIS countries. For contact information, please refer to our Distributor page!

Empty FPLC columns

Feb 06, 2015   We offer four different FPLC column sizes that are suitable for FPLC instruments such as ÄktaTM design chromatography systems.

Antibody purification

Feb 05, 2015   Alkali-stable Protein A Agarose as well as Protein A/G Agarose are now available!

Fast-n-Easy Plasmid Prep Series now available as Midi- and Maxi-Prep Kits!

Jan 23, 2015   For fast-n-easy purchase click here!