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   Jena Bioscience meets the scarcity of important Microcystin reference materials
Microscopic image (40x) of Microcystis aeruginosa taken from a German freshwater lake

Blooms of cyanobacteria in freshwater lakes and brackish waters are a recurrent phenomenon throughout the world. An excessive growth of several blue green algae often increases the production of inherent toxins such as microcystins (MCs) which cause acute poisonings of fish, birds and mammals, including humans.

Scientists dealing with monitoring programs of fresh water sources and natural product researchers stress the increasing relevance of algae toxins. Jena Bioscience now offers selected toxin reference materials to control water sources as well as dietary supplements based on freshwater algae.

Blooms of the cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa from freshwater lakes in Germany served as source for our economically priced microcystins. The reference substances will be delivered in quantities of 25 µg dissolved in methanol with guaranteed purity above 95 %.

Microcystins are cyclic heptapeptides with two variable amino acids at positions 2 and 4 determining the nomenclature of these toxins (1-letter amino acid code). All of Jena Bioscience's Microcystins have a common L-Arg (R) in position 2, while position 4 is variable (see image and table below).

   The following structural variants are available:

Product Cat.-No. Amount Price
Microcystin-LR MC-101-25 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 25.30 €
MC-101-100 4 x 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 91.10 €
Microcystin-RR MC-102-25 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 48.90 €
MC-102-100 4 x 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 176.10 €
Microcystin-YR MC-103-25 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 152.40 €
MC-103-100 4 x 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 548.64 €
Microcystin-WR MC-104-25 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 184.30 €
MC-104-100 4 x 1 ml (25 µg/ml) 663.50 €

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