Special Issue - HEC-14 in Żagań / Poland

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   Thank you for coming by our booth

It was great again to attend the HEC meeting in Żagań and to meet so many old friends!

Check out all the pictures we took at HEC-14


   Price Cut on MRC Plates by 20%


Then click here to see the reduced list prices for the MRC 2 Well and 3 Well Plates

…and look at the MRC Maxi Plate which is perfect for optimization…

…or check out the Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit for membrane proteins:

We have recently reduced the list prices of all these plates by 20% and would be happy to provide you an individual quote for your annual demand!

   Magnetic CryoVials™ – SPINE-standard

Yes, finally we offer SPINE-standard magnetic CryoVials!

They are made of a translucent polymer with excellent dimensional stability on cooling and a ring magnet that releases from the base/cap before the CryoVial releases from SPINE automounter magnets thereby supporting reliable automated handling. Compatible with all automounters that use vials, all vial handling hardware, and all standard bases/caps.

You will find them at


   JBS Tungsten Cluster Derivatization Kits - Obtain low resolution with large clusters

JBS Tungsten Cluster Derivatization Kits are perfectly suited for isomorphous replacement and anomalous scattering phasing methods. Due to their massive electron density and high solubility in water they have been successfully employed in structural studies, most recently in Manuel Than's group[1,2].

Please follow this link for detailed information on all three clusters:


Selected references:
[1] Dahms et al. (2011) Experimental phasing using a tungsten cluster that can be oriented by MR. Talk held at the HEC-14 in Żagań/Poland.
[2] Rudenko et al. (2003) 'MAD'ly phasing the extracellular domain of the LDL receptor: a medium-sized protein, large tungsten clusters and multiple non-isomorphous crystals. Acta Cryst. D59:1978.


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