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Fluorescent nucleotides are versatile probes to study structure and function of proteins and nucleic acids. They are routinely used in biological assays, DNA microarray gene expression analysis, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), DNA sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis, or fluorescence imaging techniques. Following are selected recent papers that report on the use of our fluorescent nucleotides:


Red dye fluorescent probes


EDA-ADP-ATTO-647N (Cat.No.: NU-802-647N) ...more...

EDA-ATP-ATTO-647N (Cat.No.: NU-808-647N) ...more...

Field of use

Investigation of nucleotide-binding properties of ECF1F0 ATP synthase subunit α via FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy)


Hunke et al. (2010) The effect of NBD-Cl in nucleotide-binding of the major subunit α and B of the motor proteins F1F0 ATP synthase and A1A0 ATP synthase. J. Bioenerg. Biomembr. 42:1.


Near infrared (NIR) fluorescent probes


Aminoallyl-UTP-ATTO-680 (Cat.No.: NU-821-680) ...more...

Aminoallyl-UTP-DY-776 (Cat.No.: NU-821-776) ...more...

Field of use

Random near infrared (NIR) dye-labeling of RNAs for protein-RNA association in vitro studies


Hüttelmaier et al. (2010) Near-infrared (NIR) dye-labeled RNAs identify binding of ZBP1 to the noncoding Y3-RNA. RNA 16:1420.

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