Eterneon™ – The New Generation of Ultra-Stable Fluorescent Dyes

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Eterneon™ dyes represent a new generation of fluorescent dyes.

They feature a low molecular weight and good solubility in a wide range of solvents, which makes them ideal for life science applications. Further advantages comprise:

  • extremely high photostability
  • coverage of almost the entire visible spectrum
  • large stoke shifts (up to 180 nm)
  • pH independence
  • no cytotoxicity
  • available as NHS Esters and as Azides
  • outstanding prices

For more information and for ordering, please visit our website:

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   The Power of Eterneon™ dyes – some examples

Optical (left) and fluorescence (right) microscopy image (100x) of human T-lymphocytes treated with anti-CD3 antibody labeled with Eterneon™ (350/455) NHS.

LoVo cells derived from a human colon adenocarcinoma stained using the conjugate of the toxin saporin-6 with the cyano emitting Eterneon™ (350/455).

Optical (left) and fluorescence (right) microscopy image (100x) of LoVo cells treated with saporin S6 labeled with red-emitting Eterneon™.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Fluorescent staining of the entire cellular population with green-emitting Eterneon™ and Hoechst dye.

Fluorescence microscopy images (20x) of human T lymphocytes (MOLT-4 cell line) stained using the anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody labeled with Eterneon™-(394/507). Light transmission image (left) and Fluorescence microscopy image after staining with Eterneon™-(394/507) and counterstaining with DAPI (right).
The inset shows the magnified image of one of the cells.

Left: Confocal Microscopy image of Rat Embryonal Stem Cells labeled by spontaneous uptake of a red-emitting Eterneon™ dye.

Right: Fixed epithelial cells stained by direct uptake of the green emitting Eterneon™-(384/480) and the red-emitting propidium iodide.


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