Biotinylated Nucleotide Analogs

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Biotinylated nucleotides are convenient tools for enzymatic labeling of DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides with a biotin moiety. Double-stranded biotinylated probes are commonly produced by nick translation, random priming and PCR, while single-stranded probes are made by run-off polymerization, asymmetric PCR and primer extension.

The resulting biotin-labeled probes are applied in various techniques including Southern blots, Northern blots, dot blots or in situ hybridization. The flexibility and length of the linker attaching the Biotin moiety may considerably influence nucleotide utilization. Jena Bioscience therefore, provides a diverse toolbox of biotinylated nucleotides with different linker lengths allowing to pick the perfect match for a particular application. Below is a selection of our biotinylated nucleotides analogs that have recently been referenced:


Biotin-11-dCTP (JBS Cat-No.: NU-809-BIOX)
referenced for microfluidic primer extension and reverse transcription initiation
(Vorwerk et al. (2008) Microfluidic-based enzymatic on-chip labeling of miRNAs. New Biotechnology 25 (2/3):142 and Malim et al. (2008) APOBEC3G inhibits elongation of HIV-1 reverse transcripts. PLoS. Pathogens 4 (12):e1000231).


Biotin-16-dUTP (JBS Cat-No.: NU-803-BIO16)
referenced for TdT-mediated nick end-labeling
(Lee et al. (2010) Widespread expression of prostate apoptosis response-4 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Head & Neck 32 (7):877 and Qing-Yong Ma et al. (2008) Effects of α-adrenoreceptor antagonists on apoptosis and proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro. World J. Gastroenterol. 14 (15):2358).

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