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Plasmid Mini-Prep Kits are designed for fast and easy isolation of high-purity plasmid or cosmid DNA from cells for subsequent sequencing, restriction digests, or transformations. The spin column based DNA purification follows a simple binding, washing, and eluting procedure. Time-consuming phenolchloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation is eliminated.

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Fast-n-Easy Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit
Spin-column based isolation of plasmid DNA
Product Cat. No. Amount Price (EUR) Buy / Note  
Sample PP-204XS 10 preparations 12,00    Add this product to your notepad  
S pack PP-204S 50 preparations 45,00    Add this product to your notepad
L pack PP-204L 250 preparations 180,00    Add this product to your notepad

Store at room temperature

Kit contents
Lysis Buffer
Neutralization Buffer
RNase A
Activation Buffer
Washing Buffer
Elution Buffer
Spin Columns
2 ml Collection Tubes