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Use less protein and accelerate the process of crystallizing membrane proteins using the new patent-pending Memb-PASS™ (Prompt Assay of Size and Stability) technology, developed by Dr. Michael Wiener and members of his laboratory at the University of Virginia.
HTS Screen
The Memb-PASS™ Solubility Screen consists of 12 distinct precipitants at a high and low concentration, respectively, to determine the proper protein concentration for crystallization after the protein is in a suitable detergent, as determined by the Memb-PASS™ Differential Filtration Detergent Assay (DFDA). It is recommended to use this pre-screen always as a follow-up to the Differential Filtration Detergent Assay, since the protein solubility may be very different in different detergents.

The protein is first concentrated until there is evidence of protein crashing. The Memb-PASS™ Solubility Screen is then set up for various protein concentrations. The desired result is for the drops to remain clear in conditions that contain low precipitant concentrations and for the protein to precipitate in conditions that contain high precipitant concentrations.
Once at proper concentration, the protein can then be set up for crystallization with the Memb-PASS™ Crystallization Screen, developed and tuned for integral membrane protein crystallization.

The Memb-PASS™ product line is specifically designed to work together and helps you significantly reduce the amount of protein, reagents and time spent on the crystallization of membrane proteins.

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Memb-PASS™ Solubility Screen MP-DSS24 24 solutions
(1 ml each)
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