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Flyer Fluorescent ProbesFluorescent Probes from Jena Bioscience
Brochure Non-radioactive labeling of DNA and RNA smallNon-radioactive Labeling of DNA and RNA

FB3 Gothenburg Fluorescent Biomolecules

PDF download Fluorescent Nucleotides:
A powerful toolbox for labeling of biological macromolecules

      Talk held at FB3 in Gothenburg, July 07, 2012 (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Fluorescent Dyes

NHS Esters, Azides, Alkyne-, DBCO- and Tetrazine-derivatives of fluorescent dyes for labeling of biomolecules

Protein Labeling

Novel luminescent protein labels and approved versatile kits for protein labeling

DNA Labeling

Fluorescent nucleotides and oligos, DNA labeling kits and much more

RNA Labeling

Ready-to-use Labeling kits for fluorescent labeling of RNA probes with thoroughly selected Atto-dyes

Kinase Assays

Fluorescent Anisotropy Assay to identify potential kinase inhibitors

Fluorescent Hormones

Fluorescently labeled bioactive hormones, such as Estradiol

evoglow® - Anaerobic Fluorescent Proteins

Anaerobic fluorescent proteins and corresponding antibodies