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The L. tarentolae strains LEXSY host P10 (for constitutive expression) and LEXSY host T7-TR (for inducible expression) are also available separately:


Product Cat. No. Amount Price (EUR) Buy / Note Downloads
LEXSY host P10
glycerol stocks
for constitutive expression
LT-101 3 x 1,6 ml 480,00    Add this product to your notepad  
LEXSY host T7-TR
glycerol stocks
for inducible expression
LT-110 3 x 1,6 ml 1.400,00    Add this product to your notepad  

The LEXSY strains are shipped as glycerol stocks and can be stored at -80C for 12 months.
Upon request the strains my be shipped as live suspension cultures.

Please contact expression@jenabioscience.com with questions or inquiries.