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Jena Bioscience distributes evocatal's anaerobic fluorescent reporter proteins
Fluorescent reporter proteins are valuable noninvasive molecular tools for in vivo real-time imaging of living cells and tissues as well as in vitro fluorescence labeling. A major drawback of existing GFP-like reporter proteins is their strict requirement for molecular oxygen as a cofactor for the synthesis of their respective chromophores. Therefore, the application in anaerobic systems is not possible.
The flavin mononucleotide (FMN)-based fluorescent proteins (FbFPs) from the evoglow® series were developed to overcome these restrictions. The evoglow® proteins can be used as fluorescent reporters in both aerobic and anaerobic biological systems.


The designation evoglow® comprises a novel type of fluorescent proteins containing a Flavin-mono-nucleotide-based cofactor. They are thus capable of developing bright cyan-green fluorescence even in the complete absence of oxygen. They fold rapidly in vivo and thus enable immediate detection of expression to study anaerobic inter- and intracellular processes. Since their fluorescence intensity as well as the excitation and emission spectra of the evoglow® proteins lie within the same range as those of other fluorescent proteins, the same instrumental setup can be used for their detection and analysis as for other fluorescent proteins.

evoglow Plasmid Kits

The evoglow Plasmid Kits allow easy cloning and expression of the evoglow genes.

evoglow Antibodies

evoglow antibodies are approved for the specific detection of the fluorescence reporters by Western Blot.