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Activated PI 3-kinases are composed of a catalytic subunit (p110alpha, p110beta or p110delta) associated with one of a large family of regulatory subunits (p85alpha, p85beta, p55gamma, p55alpha, and p50alpha).
The p85 subunit exists in two isoforms p85alpha and p85beta. It contains two SH2 domains that bind to tyrosine-phosphorylated growth factor receptors or substrate adaptor proteins. It also contains a BH (breakpoint cluster region homology) domain that shows GAP activity towards the small GTPases Rab4, Rab5, Cdc42, Rac1 and to a lesser extend towards Rab6 and Rab11.
It was shown that p110alpha catalytic subunit mediated phosphorylation of the p85alpha adapter reduces the lipid kinase activity of the heterodimer and this gives hints for PI3K-dependent signaling events not requiring production of 3-phosphorylated phosphoinositides.
p110alpha protein kinase activity has been implicated in IRS 1 serine phosphorylation in insulin-treated adipocytes and in STAT3 and IRS 1 phosphorylation upon activation of the type 1 IFN receptor by IFN α.

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