Immobilized phospho-aminoacids provide a convenient and rapid purification procedure for proteins that bind to particular phosphorylated amino acids [1-3].

Jena Bioscience offers affinity chromatography material that is taylor-made for purification (or for related assays) of particular phospho-aminoacid binding proteins since we offer different types and lengths of linkers and provide different types of chromatography material ranging from bulk media to pre-packed columns that fit any machine.

Immobilized O-Phospho-Serine

Immobilized O-Phospho-Threonine

Immobilized O-Phospho-Tyrosine

Unmodified Agarose

Selected References:

[1] Bakalara et al. (2000) Purification, Cloning, and Characterization of an Acidic Ectoprotein Phosphatase differentially expressed in the infectious bloodstream form of trypanosoma brucei. J. Biol. Chem. 275 (12):8863.

[2] Muir et al. (1998) Expressed protein ligation: A general method for protein engineering. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95:6705.

[3] Pei et al. (1996) Phospholipase C-y1 binds to actin-cytoskeleton via its C-terminal SH2 domain in vitro. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 228:802.

Different types of chromatography material available

All our affinity chromatography materials carrying nucleotides or amino/phospho-amino acids are available as bulk media, pre-packed MPLC columns, syringe columns and screening columns. Please refer to the product pages to access the product lists and data sheets, and to order affinity chromatography products.

Affinity Chromatography - bulk AgaroseAffinity Chromatography - Syringe ColumnAffinity Chromatography - Screening Columns
Bulk mediaPre-packed syringe columnsPre-packed screening columns
based on Agarose
(equals Sepharose™ 4B)
based on Agarose
(equals Sepharose™ 4B)
based on Agarose
(equals Sepharose™ 4B)
  • maximum amount 0.6 ml
  • ready-to-use glass columns
  • one each upper and lower frit
  • upper and lower end piece
  • special 96-well-MTP format column holder on request

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