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2'-O- and 3'-O-Propargyl CPG bulk material   |   2'-O- and 3'-O-Propargyl CPG prefilled columns   |   Other CPGs
Alkyne-containing Controlled Pore Glasses (CPGs) are used to synthesize oligonucleotides by automated standard protocols. The resulting Alkyne-modified oligonucleotides can subsequently be labeled with Azides of fluorescent dyes or Azides of Biotin dyes by Cu(I)-catalyzed click reactions. This allows the synthesis of highly-modified DNA strands carrying multiple labels in a density that is not achieved by classic labeling techniques.

3'-Alkyne-Modifier Serinol CPG
3-Dimethoxytrityloxy-2-(3-(3-propargyloxypropanamido)-propanamido)propyl-1-O-succinoyl long chain alkylamino CPG
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1000 - Bulk material CLK-A02-100MG 100 mg 152,70    Add this product to your notepad  
1000 - Bulk material CLK-A02-1G 1 g 1.072,27    Add this product to your notepad

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