Memb-PASS™ Membrane Protein Crystallography

Use less protein and accelerate the process of crystallizing membrane proteins using the new patent-pending Memb-PASS™ (Prompt Assay of Size and Stability) technology, developed by Dr. Michael Wiener and members of his laboratory at the University of Virginia.

Memb-PASS™ starts with a Differential Filtration Detergent Assay, a microplate-based detergent screening method that rapidly characterizes the stability and size of membrane proteins exchanged into a ninety-four detergent panel provided with the Memb-PASS™ Differential Filtration Detergent Assay. The entire assay utilizes sub-milligram quantities of membrane protein, and requires only several hours to perform while quickly helping you select the best detergent complex for your membrane protein! [1]

After the protein is in a suitable detergent, as determined by the Memb-PASS™ Differential Filtration Assay, the Memb-PASS™ Solubility Screen, with twenty-four conditions, is applied to determine the proper protein concentration for crystallization.

Once at proper concentration, the membrane protein can then be set up for crystallization with the Memb-PASS™ Crystallization Screen, an innovative, ninety-six condition screen, developed for integral membrane protein crystallization based on conditions that resulted in successful crystallization of membrane proteins.

Omscientia Memb-PASS Crystallization ScreenOmscientia Memb-PASS Solubility ScreenOmscientia Memb-PASS Differential Filtration Detergent AssayWorkflow Memb-PASS

The Memb-PASS™ methods are specifically designed to work together to help you significantly reduce the amount of protein, reagents and time spent on the crystallization of membrane proteins.

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