Immobilized nucleotides provide a convenient and rapid purification procedure for a large number of proteins such as kinases, GTPases, chaperones, motor proteins and others.

Jena Bioscience offers affinity chromatography material that is tailor-made for purification (or for related assays) of particular (d)NTP-binding proteins since we produce NTPs and dNTPs that are linked to the matrix at various positions of sugar, base or phosphate moiety of the nucleotide, offer different types and lengths of linkers and provide different types of chromatography material ranging from bulk media to pre-packed columns that fit any machine.

Immobilized Adenosine Nucleotides:ATPdATPAMPcAMP
Affinity Chromatography Kits for
Adenosine Nucleotide binding Proteins
Immobilized Guanosine and m7Guanosine Nucleotides:GTPdGTPm7GTPm7GDPcGMP
Immobilized Cytidine Nucleotides:CTPdCTP
Immobilized Thymidine Nucleotides:dTTP
Immobilized Uridine Nucleotides:UTPdUTP
Immobilized Inosine Nucleotides:ITP
Immobilized Xanthosine Nucleotides:XTP

Unmodified Agarose

Bulk media based on Agarose (equals Sepharose™ 4B).
Sepharose™ is a trademark of GE Healthcare Companies.

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