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Jan 25, 2016   Offene Position: IT-Administrator/in / Systembetreuer/in
Wir stellen ein – Details entnehmen Sie bitte dieser Seite.
Dec 21, 2015   LCP Lipids
There is more than Monoolein! Check out our LCP Lipids and adjust the lipidic cubic phase (LCP) to the particular membrane protein.
Dec 18, 2015   RNA labeling with ApG and 5'-Biotin-ApG
Now available - two initiator dinucleotides for 5'-labeling of RNA by in vitro transcription: ApG and 5'-Biotin-ApG.
Dec 14, 2015   Now available: pppGpp and ppGpp
Important signal molecules for stringent stress response: pppGpp (Guanosine-3',5'-pentaphosphate) and ppGpp (Guanosine-3',5'-bisdiphosphate).
Nov 18, 2015   New: JBScreen Membrane 4
A complete set of 96 membrane protein specific crystallization conditions is now available. Check it out here.
Nov 13, 2015   PSDI 2015 Conference Pictures
We just returned from the PSDI meeting held in Rottach-Egern at Tegernsee – see our pictures here!
Nov 06, 2015   Simplified monitoring of cellular DNA and RNA synthesis
Now available: 5-Vinyl-uridine and 5-Vinyl-2'-deoxyuridine to study the enzymatic synthesis of nucleic acids by copper free click labeling (iEDDA) in living cells.
Oct 30, 2015   Ligands for P2 Receptors
We now offer various mono- and dinucleotide agonist and antagonist ligands for functional studies of P2X and P2Y subtypes.
Oct 29, 2015   Looking for videos?
Then check out our YouTube Channel!
Oct 28, 2015   Now available: Catalog "Molecular Biology"
Download the PDF or request your free printed copy!
Oct 23, 2015   CLICKable monosaccharides
We now offer Methylcyclopropene- and Azide-functionalized monosaccharides for dual CLICK-Labeling of newly synthesized glycans.
Oct 13, 2015   JBScreen Detergents
Working on membrane proteins? Check out the new JBScreen Detergents:
96 well-assorted compounds covering approved and innovative detergents.
Sep 30, 2015   We are now EMAS certified
We are happy to announce that we have achieved EMAS certification for our environmental management system! The certificate is available here.
Sep 30, 2015   HEC-18 pictures and talk online
We just returned from a great and successful HEC-18 meeting in Kutná Hora/CZ! View all the pictures we took at the meeting here. Further, the talk Christin gave at the meeting can be downloaded here!
Sep 29, 2015   Now online: video documentary about Jena Bioscience and our new corporate building
Watch it here (German language)!
Sep 24, 2015   CLICKable Bodipy-FL dye portofolio is now complete
We now offer Bodipy-FL dye as Azide-, Alkyne-, DBCO-, Tetrazine- and 6-Methyl-Tetrazine-version.
Sep 21, 2015   JBScreen Thermofluor
The innovative protein stability screen is now available in a deep-well block format (HTS), which allows a flexible application of JBScreen Thermofluor FUNDAMENT and JBScreen Thermofluor SPECIFIC. Choose your favorite product format here.
Sep 15, 2015   CLICKable NAD Analog
2-Ethynyl-Adenosine-NAD+ is now available for in vitro poly ADP ribosylation analyses.
Aug 05, 2015   New: IMISX™ Plate
The IMISX™ Plate is designed to perform in-meso in-situ serial X-ray crystallography of soluble and membrane proteins.
Jul 31, 2015   New: In-Meso Crystallization Plate
The patent-pending In-Meso Crystallization Plate provides easy access to the innovative approach of controlled in-meso phase crystallization, which is particularly useful for membrane protein crystallization.
Jul 16, 2015   Nucleic Acid Labeling? Watch our video!
Watch our video and find out how easy Nucleic Acid Labeling can be!
Jul 14, 2015   SWSBC Talk Available
Check out our talk "A new Thermofluor Design: Screens based on FUNDAMENTal and SPECIFIC variables" given at the SWSBC Meeting in Brighton/UK! Click here for all talks held at scientific conferences.
Jun 25, 2015   Hot off the press:
The Brochure Protein Crystallization Screening provides a comprehensive overview of our JBScreen Family. Download the PDF or order your printed copy here.
May 18, 2015   New: Diaplate
Discover the 96 well micro-dialysis plate which is ideal for desalting of protein in very small volumes up to 3.2 µl.
Apr 02, 2015   Cleavable CLICK (Desthio) Biotinylation Reagents are now available!
Check our extended portfolio of photocleavable and chemically cleavable Azide-, DBCO- and Alkyne-functionalized (desthio)biotinylation reagents.
Mar 31, 2015   New: Biotin and Digoxigenin Nick Translation Labeling Kits
We have extended our Nick Translation Labeling Kit portfolio: Biotin and Digoxigenin NT Labeling Kits are now available.
Mar 23, 2015   New: JBS FUNDAMENT and JBS SPECIFIC Thermofluor Screens
Apply the thermal shift methodology at highest convenience and systematically screen for a protein stabilizing environment. Click here for details and ordering.
Mar 19, 2015   We have moved!
We have moved to our new premises! Please make sure to update your records with our new address. E-mail and phone contacts remain unchanged.
Mar 05, 2015   Halle Conference Video now online
LEXSY taking off: Selected examples for protein production with Leishmania tarentolae – See a video of our talk here!
Feb 25, 2015   Halle Conference Pictures and Talk
Click here for the pictures we took at this year's Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins. See the talk we gave there in our Download section!
Feb 24, 2015   New Distributor in Russia/CIS countries
We are happy to announce that Sputnik Group is now distributing our products in Russia and CIS countries. For contact information, please refer to our Distributor page!
Feb 06, 2015   Empty FPLC columns
We offer four different FPLC column sizes that are suitable for FPLC instruments such as ÄktaTM design chromatography systems.
Feb 05, 2015   Antibody purification
Alkali-stable Protein A Agarose as well as Protein A/G Agarose are now available!
Jan 23, 2015   Fast-n-Easy Plasmid Prep Series now available as Midi- and Maxi-Prep Kits!
For fast-n-easy purchase click here!
Nov 18, 2014   New Brochure: CLICK-labeling of cellular metabolites
Download our new Brochure "CLICK-labeling of cellular metabolites" here! For more downloads, please visit our Downloads section.
Nov 10, 2014   PSDI Conference Pictures
The pictures we took at the PSDI conference in Cascais/Portugal are now online - view them here!
Oct 30, 2014   Epigenetics
5-Hydroxymethyl-dCTP and 5-Hydroxymethyl-2'-deoxycytidine are now available for epigenetic studies.
Oct 22, 2014   Receive your PERMANENT Nourseothricin discount!
You're using the antibiotic Nourseothricin (clonNAT, clonat or NTC) for the selection of recombinant organisms? Receive a PERMANENT 10% DISCOUNT now – learn more in our latest Newsletter!
Oct 21, 2014   30% Price Cut on JBS Tungsten Cluster Derivatization Kits
Check out the new prices and try the tungstate clusters in your next phasing experiment!
Oct 16, 2014   Nourseothricin Price Reduction!
Nourseothricin (also termed NTC or clonNAT) is the prime selection antibiotic for our eukaryotic expression system LEXSY and is widely used for many other hosts. We are happy to announce that NTC pricing has been significantly reduced - click here for details and for ordering!
Oct 01, 2014   HEC-17 Conference Pictures
We just returned from the wonderful HEC-17 meeting in Berlin - see our pictures here!
Sep 02, 2014   XXI IRT Meeting Pictures and Videos now online!
The pictures and videos we took at the great IRT 2014 Meeting in Poznań are now online! Click here to view them!
Aug 20, 2014   Meet us at XXI IRT!
Meet us at the XXI Round Table on Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids (IRT 2014) in Poznań/Poland next week! Find more information at
Aug 07, 2014   New Distributor in Cyprus
We are happy to announce Biotronics Ltd. as our official distributor in Cyprus. Find Biotronics' contact information here.
Jul 10, 2014   SCNAC 2014 Meeting Pictures and Videos now online!
Now online - all the pictures and videos we took at the beautiful SCNAC 2014 Meeting in Český Krumlov. Click here to view them!
Jul 09, 2014   Roofing Ceremony for our new Corporate Building
Yesterday's roofing ceremony for our new corporate building: the local TV station JenaTV has a short video report online (German language). Watch it here!
Jun 13, 2014   Clickable FLAG tag
DBCO-PEG4-FLAG and Azide-PEG3-FLAG are now available for Click Chemistry-based introduction of a FLAG-tag to a molecule of your choice.
Jun 04, 2014   Tetrazine- and 6-Methyltetrazine-containing Biotinylation Reagents
We now offer Tetrazine- and 6-Methyltetrazine-containing Biotinylation Reagents for Cu(I) free Click Chemistry based-Biotinylation of trans-Cyclooctene (TCO)-labeled molecules.
May 05, 2014   New Non-hydrolyzable Nucleotide
Our product section of γ-Phosphate modified Nucleotides has been extended by N6-Benzyl-ATPγS (6-Bn-ATPγS).
Apr 28, 2014   Probes Catalog Section restructured
We have restructured our Probes Catalog Section - it's now sorted by application and even easier to navigate: Reactive Components, DNA/cDNA Labeling, RNA/cRNA Labeling, Protein Labeling, Cell Labeling
Apr 16, 2014   New in Macromolecular Crystallography: VersaPin
Perform several operations needed to prepare your beamline or home source for diffraction measurements - all with just one tool: The patented VersaPin.
Apr 14, 2014   New: CLICKable Cy5.5 and Cy7
We now offer Azide, terminal Alkyne and DBCO(=ADIBO)-functionalized Cy5.5 and Cy7 for both Cu(I)-catalyzed and Cu(I)-free strain promoted Click Chemistry reactions.
Apr 02, 2014   New Flyer "CLICKable Fluorescent Dyes"
Our new Flyer "CLICKable Fluorescent Dyes" gives an overview of dyes available from Jena Bioscience for CLICK Chemistry-based labeling applications. Download it here!
Mar 26, 2014   Price cut on cGMP
We are happy to announce that the price of cGMP has been significantly reduced! For more information and for ordering, please click here.
Mar 20, 2014   Price cut on O-Propargyl-puromycin
We are happy to announce that the price of O-Propargyl-puromycin has been significantly reduced! For more information and for ordering, please click here.
Mar 17, 2014   New Distributors in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Sudan
We are happy to announce that we have added three new distributors in Bulgaria, in Kazakhstan and in Sudan, enabling our customers in these countries to purchase our products from domestic suppliers. Please see our International Distributors page for details.
Feb 24, 2014   Jena Bioscience's products now available via antibodies online
We are happy to announce that our products are now available via antibodies online! Customers in France and in USA will benefit from domestic ordering.
Feb 10, 2014   Square Cover Slides
Plain and siliconized square cover slides for hanging, sitting or sandwich drop crystallization experiments are now available here.
Feb 07, 2014   New Alkyne-containing Nucleotide
Our product section of Alkyne Reagents for Click Chemistry has been extended by 2-Ethynyl-ATP (2-EATP).
Feb 04, 2014   New Azide-modified Nucleosides and Nucleotides
Our Azide-labeled nucleoside and nucleotide sections have been extended by 8-Azidoadenosine, 8-Azido-AMP and 8-Azido-ADP.
Jan 16, 2014   New: Browse Click Chemistry by Reagent Chemistry or Application!
We restructured our Click Chemistry section - now you can browse all Click Reagents by Chemistry or Application!