LEXSY - Eukaryotic protein expression in Leishmania tarentolae

The unicellular kinetoplast protozoan Leishmania tarentolae, isolated from the Moorish gecko Tarentola mauritanica, not pathogenic to mammalians (Biosafety level 1) was turned into the protein-producing host of our eukaryotic protein expression system LEXSY:

  • eukaryotic host as easy to handle as E. coli: no specific labware, no cell biology equipment required
  • fully eukaryotic protein expression machinery with post-translational modifications, including glycosylation and disulfide bond formation
  • shuttle vectors: cloning in E. coli, expression in LEXSY host
  • constitutive or inducible, intracellular or secretory expression of target proteins
  • stable expression strains for constant protein production

LEXSY Configurations LEXSY Background

LEXSY Cultivation

LEXSY BrochureLEXSY Brochure (PDF, 5.0 MB)LEXSY talk at FAP Kosice 2013LEXSY talk at FAP Meeting 2013
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Halle Conference 2015 LEXSY TalkLEXSY talk at Halle Conference 2015
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