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Phosphatase Assay Kit - reaction scheme
Protein phosphatases regulate fundamental biological processes such as cell proliferation and differentiation in cooperation with protein kinases. Protein phosphatases consist of three general families with different substrate specificities towards phospho-seryl/threonyl, -tyrosyl residues, or both.

This kit provides a simple means to measure phosphatase activity by using pNPP as a general substrate of phosphatases.

In a first step, the enzyme dephosphorylates its substrate pNPP. In a second step, the phenolic OH-group is deprotonated under alkaline conditions resulting in p-nitrophenolate with a strong absorption at 405 nm (yellow) (see figure on the right).
Phosphatase Assay Kit - diagram

Diagram on the left: Phosphatase SHP-1 (100 ng) was assayed with 10 mM pNPP in JBS Phosphatase Assay. This type of assay is called “end-point” assay since the activity of the enzyme is evaluated after a given time of reaction (here: 5, 10, 30 and 60 min).

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