Jena Bioscience team Klaus Korus - Technician Jana Müller - Administrator Sebastian Bügener - Technician Steffi Lange - Technician Fred Köbe - Scientist Beate Gebhardt - Administrator Frank Bieber - Production Manager Dr. Bürk Schäfer - Head of Molecular Biology Division Sibylle Bauer, LL.M.oec. - Head of Marketing & Legal Counsel Dr. Mathias Grün - Chief Executive Officer Thomas Billert - Chief Operating Officer Christin Reuter - Head of Crystallography Division Thomas Waldbach, PhD - Head of Chemistry Division Christiane Kohls - QM & Compliance Manager Heike Franke - Technician Dr. Reinhard Breitling - Head of LEXSY Division Dr. Bettina Müller - Scientist Dr. Mirko Meier - Scientist Prof. Dr. Siegmund Reißmann - Scientific Advisor Ina Thieme - Senior Technician Dr. Rita Kröschel - Senior Scientist Dr. Barbara Zschörnig - Head of Probes Division Dr. Andreas Licht - Scientist Katarina Ebertus - Technician Rita Kraupner - Scientist Tilo Block  - IT Manager Larissa Consani Textor, PhD - Scientist Julia Linnemann - Scientist Denny Zinecker - Administrator Stefan Heiderich - Technician Ilka Fizul - Administrator Nadine Pfaffendorf-Regler - Technician Nadine Müller-Dittmann - Administrative Technician Marius Melzer - Technician Antje Eberhardt - Technician

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The Jena Bioscience Team

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Jena Bioscience Company profile

Jena Bioscience GmbH was founded in 1998 by a team of scientists from the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Physiology in Dortmund. 25+ years of academic know how were condensed into the company in order to develop innovative reagents and technologies for the life science market.

Since the start up, the company has evolved into an established global reagent supplier with about 8000 products on stock and a customer base in 80+ countries. Jena Bioscience serves three major client groups:

  • Research laboratories at universities, industry, government, hospitals and medical schools
  • Pharmaceutical industry in the process from lead discovery through to pre-clinical stages
  • Laboratory & diagnostic reagent kit producers and re-sellers

Our company premises are located in the city of Jena / Germany.
Jena Bioscience’s products include nucleosides, nucleotides and their non-natural analogs, recombinant proteins & protein production systems, reagents for the crystallization of biological macromolecules and tailor-made solutions for molecular biology and biochemistry.

In our chemistry division, we have hundreds of natural and modified nucleotides available on stock. In addition, with our pre-made building blocks and in-house expertise we manufacture even the most exotic nucleotide analog from mg to kg scale.

In the field of recombinant protein production, Jena Bioscience has developed its proprietary LEXSY technology. LEXSY (Leishmania Expression System) is based on a S1-classified unicellular organism that combines easy handling with a full eukaryotic protein folding and modification machinery including mammalian-like glycosylation. LEXSY is primarily used for the expression of proteins that are expressed at low yields or are inactive in the established systems, and expression levels of up to 500 mg/L of culture were achieved.

For the crystallization of biological macromolecules – which is the bottleneck in determining the 3D-structure of most proteins – we offer specialized reagents for crystal screening, crystal optimization and phasing that can reduce the time for obtaining a high resolution protein structure from several years to a few days.

Our specialized reagents are complemented with a large selection of products for any molecular biology & biochemistry laboratory such as kits for Standard PCR and Real-Time PCR, oligonucleotides, cloning enzymes, mutagenesis technologies, and many more...

We combine highest quality standards for all our products (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001) with individualized customer support. We establish direct lines of communication from clients to our in-house scientists, resulting in productive interactions among people with similar research interests who speak the same language. Furthermore, we offer support programs and attractive discount schemes for young scientists establishing their own labs. If you wish to receive more information, just send an e-mail to .

Jena Bioscience GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-12

Jena Bioscience has established a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-12. The international organization for standardization (ISO) defines uniform standards which facilitate national and international business.

We commit ourselves to work according to international standards and continuously improve our quality management system and our in house processes to meet our high quality standards.