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Greiner Terasaki Plates
Terasaki plates are small size microassay plates commonly used for microbatch protein crystallography. Conical wells avoid spreading of droplets away from the center for optimized crystallization under oil. Smooth, flat bottoms enable perfect microscopic investigation of growing crystals. Plate storage space is minimized with a compact and low profile shape. Each plate is delivered with a well-fitting transparent lid.

Virgin, high clarity styrene in combination with a distortion-free bottom gives excellent optical properties for microscopic inspection of crystal growth.

Product Cat. No. Amount Price (EUR) Buy / Note
Greiner 653102 - Terasaki Plate, 60 well
with lid
CPL-146 580 pcs. 580,00    Add this product to your notepad
Greiner 654102 - Terasaki Plate, 72 well
with lid
CPL-147 270 pcs. 280,00    Add this product to your notepad
Greiner 654180 - Terasaki Plate, 72 well
physical surface treatment
with lid
CPL-148 270 pcs. 305,00    Add this product to your notepad

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