Molecular Biology Mini Catalog
Molecular Biology
Thermophilic PolymerasesPCR Lyophilisates

Ready-to-Use Lyophilisates - Preloaded and Stable at Room Temperature

Real-Time Master Lyophilisates
  • qPCR ProbesMaster Lyophilisate
  • qPCR GreenMaster Lyophilisate
Direct PCR and Multiplex PCR Lyophilisates
  • Direct PCR Lyophilisate
  • Multiplex PCR Lyophilisate
Taq & Hot Start Master Lyophilisates
  • Red Load Taq Master Lyophilisate
  • Taq Master Lyophilisate
  • Hot Start Master Lyophilisate
Reverse Transcription Master Lyophilisates
  • One-Step RT-PCR Master Lyophilisate
  • RT Master Lyophilisate

Custom-Specific Lyophilisation
  • Development
  • Optimization
  • Scale-up
  • Packaging