JBScreen Family

  • JBScreen Classic
    The JBScreen Classic Kits 1-10 cover 240 (10 kits x 24 conditions each) of the most prominent conditions for protein crystallization. Their compositions result from mining of literature data of several thousands of crystallized proteins. JBScreen represents the selected statistically most successful buffers that yielded protein crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction.

  • JBScreen Basic
    Based on the classic sparse matrix crystallization screen published first by Jancarik and Kim in 1991, it contains 96 unique reagent mixtures for screening a wide range of pH and various salts and precipitants.

  • JBScreen Membrane
    The optimized screen for hydrophobic and membrane proteins

  • JBScreen Kinase
    A highly effective crystallization screen based on data analyses of published kinase structures

  • JBScreen Nuc-Pro
    A highly effective sparse matrix screen based upon extensive screening of the PDB, with focus on entries by structural genomic initiatives, the BMCD and other protocols.

  • JBScreen PEG/Salt
    Efficient screening of PEG 3350 and PEG 5000 MME versus 48 different salts

  • JBScreen Pentaerythritol
    A systematic crystallization screen based on pentaerythritol polymers as precipitants developed by Ulrike Demmer from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt.

  • JBScreen PACT ++
    Systematic screen for pH, anion, cation testing in the presence of polyehtylene glycol

  • JBScreen JCSG ++
    Optimized sparse matrix screen developed by the Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG)

  • Pi-Screens
    Developed at the MRC Cambridge - Crystallization Screens for soluble and integral membrane proteins based on Pi sampling strategy

  • JBScreen Wizard
    A highly effective random sparse matrix screen for crystallizing proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and macromolecular complexes

Rigaku Reagents (formerly Emerald Bio) Crystallography Screens

  • PEG-Ion Series - PEG/salt screens combining four PEGs and 48 salts
  • Precipitant Synergy - synergistic combinations of mechanistically distinct precipitating agents
  • Cryo Series - classic sparse matrix cryo screen
  • Cubic LCP - tools, formulations, and lipid to prepare micro-crystallization experiments according to the LCP micro method
  • pH Buffer - a multi-purpose 96 buffer kit of 12 different buffer systems at 8 different pHs

Individual Screen Conditions