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Nucleosides, Nucleotides and their analogs

Nucleosides, Nucleotides and their Analogs

Flyer Custom synthesis

  PDF download Flyer "Custom Synthesis" (2.1 MB)
dNTP Guide

  PDF download dNTP Guide (4.5 MB)

Click Chemistry Reagents

Click Chemistry Reagents

Click Flyer 2014

  PDF download Flyer "Click Chemistry Reagents" (616 kB)
Flyer Clickable Dyes

  PDF download Flyer "CLICKable Fluorescent Dyes" (781 kB)

Eukaryotic Expression System LEXSY

Eukaryotic Expression System LEXSY

LEXSY Brochure

  PDF download LEXSY Brochure (5.6 MB)
LEXSY Flyer 2014

  PDF download LEXSY Flyer (2.6 MB)
Flyer NTC

  PDF download Flyer Nourseothricin (NTC) (1.5 MB)

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

Polymerase Guide

  PDF download Thermophilic Polymerases (3.3 MB)
Poster Restriction Enzymes

  PDF download Poster "Restriction Enzymes" (1.4 MB)
Enzyme Finder

  PDF download Flyer "Enzyme Finder" (865 kB)
Restriction Enzymes Product Overview

  PDF download Product Overview Restriction Enzymes (1.1 MB)
Restriction Enzymes Technical Ressources

  PDF download Technical Resources for Restriction Enzymes (2.2 MB)
Flyer Realtime PCR EvaGreen

  PDF download Flyer "Real-Time qPCR Kits with EvaGreen®" (1.6 MB)
Flyer PCR Lyophilisates

  PDF download Flyer PCR Lyophilisates (1.3 MB)
Flyer RNA/DNA Purification Kits

  PDF download Flyer RNA/DNA Purification and Cleanup Kits (1.3 MB)
Flyer RT-PCR

  PDF download Flyer RT-PCR Kits and Mastermixes (1.2 MB)
DNA Ladders Guide

  PDF download DNA Ladders Guide (1.5 MB)

Recombinant Proteins

Catalog PI3 Kinase

  PDF download Mini Catalog "PI 3-Kinase Family" in PDF format (2.1 MB)

Macromolecular Crystallography

Macromolecular Crystallography

Flyer Screens are our Passion

  PDF download Flyer "Screens are our Passion" (1.7 MB)
Flyer Protein Rescue Strategies

  PDF download Flyer "Protein Rescue Strategies" (1.6 MB)
Mitegen Brochure

  PDF download MiTeGen Products Brochure (2.4 MB)
Crystallization plates guide

   Crystallization Plates Comparison (465 kB)
Flyer Memb-PASS

  PDF download Flyer Memb-PASSTM (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Flyer Pi-Screens

  PDF download Flyer "Pi-Screens" (1.6 MB)




Brochure Non-radioactive labeling of DNA and RNA

  PDF download
Brochure "Non-radioactive Labeling of DNA and RNA" (1.6 MB)
Flyer Non-radioactive Labeling

  PDF download Flyer "Probes: Non-radioactive Labeling" (310 kB)


  PDF download
Brochure "Biotin and Digoxigenin Labeled Nucleotides" (3.1 MB)