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Each box contains 20 MicroMounts™ precision-attached to nonmagnetic 11 mm pins for use with copper post bases.
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These products are available with 30% discount until our inventory is depleted. Please find the reduced prices below.
Please note:
  • MiTeGen has improved its small aperture MicroMounts (aperture size 10-200 µm), they are available in the dual-thickness version now (M2) providing a much better handling than M1. Once we are sold out of our current stock, MicroMounts in the size range of 10-200 µm will solely be available as Dual-Thickness MicroMounts™.
  • We will no longer be keeping an inventory of the previously available lengths (L11, L19 and L25). These lengths will still be available upon request but may have significant lead times, once our inventory is depleted.
    Only SPINE length (L18SP) will be stocked in the future.

Mitegen MicroMounts
For all sizes, the distance from the pin base to the center of the crystal aperture is 12.1 mm, equivalent to loops in 10 mm Hampton pins and compatible with SSRL/Hampton 12 mm copper post bases. Pins are marked in 2 mm increments and can be cut to a desired length using spring steel compatible cutters. Pins can be easily bent using needlenose pliers to place the crystal in a desired orientation.

Excess liquid can be removed from the wicking aperture using Size 15 liquid wicks.
Mounts can be cleaned using Medium or Fine liquid wicks.

We recommend initially ordering our Assortments, so that you can match the mount aperture to the size of your crystal. If certain sizes turn out to be more common than others, you can then order full boxes of those sizes.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.

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MicroMounts™, 600 µm aperture mounts
20 of 600 µm aperture mounts, 11 mm pin length
M1-L11-600 20 pcs. 42,00    Add this product to your notepad

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