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JBScreen pH-2D
JBScreen pH-2D is designed to sample a broad pH-range without changing the buffering environment [1]. This ensures pH-screening independent of the chemical nature of the components of the buffer system.

JBScreen pH-2D contains six extended range buffer systems; each composed of a mixture of three individual buffers with a distinct chemical nature and well separated pKa values. Each buffer system is composed of a low-pH and a high-pH stock solution, supplied in 10 ml volumes. The low-pH stock solution is preset at pH 4.0 and the high-pH solution at either pH 9.0 or 10.0 (see download). Thus, mixtures of the low-pH and high-pH stock solutions in different proportions allow to cover the entire pH range from 4.0 9.0 or 4.0 10.0, respectively. The composition of the buffer systems assures a virtually linear distribution of the resulting pH vs the percentage of high pH / low pH stock.

Larger volumes are available upon request.

[1] Newman (2004) Novel buffer systems for macromolecular crystallization. Acta Cryst. D60:610.

Individual Conditions of all screens are available in 10 ml as well as 100 ml volumes. Please follow this link.

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JBScreen pH-2D CS-701 6 buffer systems
(10 ml each)
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