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pHat buffers HTS
The pH Buffer Screen is an optimization screen that can be applied to your crystallization hit optimization to simultaneously explore the effects of pH and buffer composition on crystal growth. The pH Buffer matrix is a set of 96 unique buffer solutions encompassing 12 unique buffer systems at 8 pH points, incrementally varied by 0.4 pH units. The screen covers the entire crystallization space with buffers ranging from pH 2.4 to pH 11.6.

96-Well Block Plate formulations are 1.0 ml each in a 96 deep-well matrix block plate. All formulations are prepared with ASTM type-1 water and high-purity chemicals, 0.2 Ám filtered in sterile packaging.
Nonsalable to USA and Japan! Please contact Rigaku Reagents (formerly Emerald Bio) for distributor information.

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pH Buffer Screen CS-EB-PH-B 96 solutions
(1,0 ml each)
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