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Discover more protein crystallization hits by employing synergistic effects of mechanistically distinct precipitating agents (salts, organic solvents, polyethylene glycols, additives, pH).
The Precipitant Synergy Screen consists of 192 formulations, to be used for initial protein crystallization screening and crystallization optimization. The application of this screen is advised in particular for protein targets that have failed to yield hits with traditional random sparse matrix crystallization approaches. The Precipitant Synergy protein crystallization screen targets all types of soluble protein and protein complexes. Tests have shown that this screen can triple the number of unique crystals when compared with other screens (Majeed et al., 2003).
Each unique formulation is made available in three different concentrations, increasing the coverage of crystallization space. These related formulations are positioned in neighboring wells or tubes, simplifying the analysis of crystallization behavior.

[1] Majeed et al. (2003) Enhancing Protein Crystallization through Precipitant Synergy. Structure 11:1061.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact Rigaku Reagents (formerly Emerald Bio) for distributor information.

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Precipitant Synergy CS-EB-PS-B 192 solutions
(1,7 ml each)
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Precipitant Synergy - Tubes CS-EB-PS-T 192 solutions
(10 ml each)
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