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The SuperCOMBI Screen comprises both the SuperSMART and the PurePEGs Screen:
96 conditions formatted for use with the new NEW SBS High Throughput Crystal Former.
Microlytic Smart Screen
Microlytic's SuperSMART Screen has been designed to offer efficient crystallization screening without the redundancy present in sparse matrix screens designed for vapor diffusion methods. The SuperSMART collection of conditions draws on the extensive history of crystallization trials at the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics and represents the most productive crystallization conditions commercially available in a format that maximizes the potential of the Crystal Former.
The PurePEGs Screen features conditions with a mixture of purified PEGs, ranging from 300 to 8000. It contains USP grade, highly purified PEG components and reports the final pH of the crystallization conditions rather than the pH of the concentrated buffer components to provide researchers with a precise starting point for optimization.

The available SuperCOMBI Screens differ ONLY in the plate format:
  • The SSC-1 screen is aliquoted in a 96-Well Kisker PCR plate, compatible with manual and all robotic set-ups
  • The SSC-1-M screen is aliquoted in a 96-Well U-bottom Greiner assay plate, compatible with the Mosquito robot
The PurePEGs-96 Crystallization Screen features conditions that each contain a mixture of purified polyethylene glycols, ranging from 300 MW to 8000 MW. At a total concentration of 22.5% PEG combined with various salts and buffers, the conditions are designed to span a wide cross section of PEG crystallization space.

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Microlytic SuperCOMBI Screen SSC-1 96 solutions
(50 Ál each)
239,00    Add this product to your notepad
Microlytic SuperCOMBI Screen for Mosquito SSC-1-M 96 solutions
(50 Ál each)
239,00    Add this product to your notepad
Microlytic PurePEGSs-96 Screen CS-PP96-1ml 96 solutions
(1 ml each)
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Microlytic PurePEGSs-96 Screen - Tubes CS-PP96-10ml 96 solutions
(10 ml each)
921,00    Add this product to your notepad

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