Molecular Biology BrochureFluorescent Probes ManualqPCR with EvaGreen

Real-Time PCR

qPCR Multiplex Master Mixes
  • qPCR MultiplexMaster
  • qPCR MultiplexMaster with lowROX
  • qPCR MultiplexMaster with highROX
qPCR Master Mixes for Dual Labeled Probes
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with UNG
  • qPCR ProbesMaster
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with UNG/lowROX
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with lowROX
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with UNG/highROX
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with highROX
qPCR Master Mixes with EvaGreen
  • qPCR GreenMaster with UNG
  • qPCR GreenMaster
  • qPCR GreenMaster with UNG/lowROX
  • qPCR GreenMaster with lowROX
  • qPCR GreenMaster with UNG/highROX
  • qPCR GreenMaster with highROX

qPCR Core Kits
  • qPCR Probes Core Kit
  • qPCR Green Core Kit
  • Fluorescein Reference Dye
  • ROX Reference Dye
  • EvaGreen Fluorescent DNA Stain
  • UNG (Uracil-N-glycosylase)
  • qPCR Control Kit
Dual Labeled Fluorescent Probes
  • BHQ-1 (Black Hole Quencher 1)
  • BHQ-2 (Black Hole Quencher 2)
  • BHQ-3 (Black Hole Quencher 3)
  • ECLIPSE Quencher
  • DABCYL Quencher
  • TAMRA Quencher