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Dendrogram of the Ras superfamily

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(taken from: Takai et al. (2001) Small GTP-Binding Proteins. Physiol. Rev. 81 (1):153.)

GTPases of the Ras superfamily represent a group of more than 100 known proteins involved in the control of numerous essential cellular functions, and in particular cell proliferation. They were grouped, according to sequence homologies, into five principal branches: Ras family, Rab family, Ran family, Rho/Rac/Cdc42 family and Sar1/Arf family.

Mutations in Ras proteins that block them in a constitutively active state are found in 30 to 60% of human malignancies. Other GTPases like Rho and Rac have also been linked to oncogenesis.
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