Cryo and Room Temperature Crystallography

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Jena Bioscience distributes MiTeGen's innovative crystallography products.

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  • Goniometer Bases
    Discover MiTeGen's goniometer bases: standard, barcoded and reusable

  • Magnetic CryoVials
    SPINE standard CryoVials

  • Mount-Base-Vial Assemblies
    Ready-to-use assemblies for cryocrystallography. These consist of magnetic CryoVials, your choice of a magnetic goniometer base (cap), and your choice of crystal mounts/loops

  • MicroRT™ Tubing and MicroRT™ Aligner
    The MicroRT™ Tubing and our new MicroRT™ Aligner make room temperature mounting a breeze and will help you save precious crystals

  • JBScreen Cryo Pro
    Efficient screening for suitable cryoprotectants

  • Oils and Grease
    Low and high viscosity oils and vacuum grease for room temperature measurements and cryogenic applications

  • Cryo Shutter
    An assembly kit designed for crystal annealing at your home source

  • VersaPin
    All-in-one tool for beamline and home source set-up

  • MiTeGen's Crystallography Starter Kits
    MiTeGen offers a variety of Starter Kits to help get you started - these are great tool kits for training new students or technicians