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Jena Bioscience distributes Microlytic's innovative microfluidic devices

Microlytic uses microfluidic technology to minimize major problems in structural biology. Microlytic has combined its strengths in microfabrication, surface chemistry and fluid physics to develop innovative devices that offer researchers easy-of-use, improved success rates and superior output. The Crystal Former™ is the first product developed by Microlytic addressing the major bottleneck in structural biology of obtaining high quality crystals.


High Throughput Crystallization Kit

This starter kit contains everything needed for crystallization screening with the Crystal Former, compatible with both automated and manual set-up.

Crystal Formers™

Microfluidic devices for protein crystallization that exploit the favorable physical conditions occurring at the microscale. Available in various formats: from the original one to the SBS High-throughput Crystal Former.

Crystallization Screens

Discover Microlytic's SuperCOMBI and PurePEGs Screen arranged for compatibility with the SBS High Throughput Crystal Former.


Tools to complement your Crystal Former System.